Trend Alert: The New Toast Craze

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If a recent wave of foodie media coverage is any indication, toast is totally having a moment. Some are calling it the next “foodie craze,” as all over the country chefs are ramping up their toast offerings, from familiar bruschetta to trendy tartine.

Over at top food blog The Daily Meal, Jill Donenfeld, chef and author of “Better On Toast: Happiness On A Slice Of Bread” shares two of her favorite trendy toppers. Check out her simple serving ideas in these short videos.

Easy Avocado Toast with Pepitas & Chia Seeds

Rich, creamy avocado gets a crunchy contrast from perfectly toasted buttery bread and chia & pumpkin seed garnish. This simple recipe is a great way to get the good fats your body needs.

Fluffy Eggs & Lox On Toast

Pan-toasted bread is delicious topped with a fluffy egg, lox & onion scramble. Chef Jill Donenfeld shares a trick: whisk in I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!® and leave the spread a little lumpy. “It will melt later and make for very fluffy eggs.”

Rethink Another Breakfast Favorite

From topping a pizza to filling a burrito, these are our 5 favorite ways to fit fluffy eggs into any meal.

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