It's Vegan

Our Vegan Action Certified spread is 100% dairy free. It’s also 100% tasty. Who says going vegan can’t taste great?

star ratings

“Great in baking! Thank you for making a vegan version! Our family loves this and we use it every day. It's so creamy and buttery but because it’s vegan, it’s healthy and there’s no guilt. I would even say this works better than real butter in baking. So happy, yay!”

It's Organic

The unbelievable taste you know, now USDA-certified organic. That’s just a fancy way to say it’s wholesome and tastes great, too.

star ratings

“Yummy! I was very happy with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter It’s Organic, it tasted better than normal butter. It was a lot softer and smoother tasting. I was very satisfied and will buy it again.”